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ACTUALLY @ Renaissance Theatreworks​

  • "As Amber, Eva Nimmer doesn’t shy away from her character’s less admirable qualities. She delivers a refreshingly open, honest and frank portrayal of a young woman trying to deal with the consequences of a date gone wrong." -Anne Siegel, Shepherd Express

  • "Nimmer is superb as Amber... Talking a mile-a-minute, constantly fidgeting with her oversized sweater and fussing with her hair, Nimmer’s Amber is weird. And sweet. And damaged. And desperate. And especially susceptible to what other people think. And trying to find a way to escape a cacophony of insecurities screaming in her head." -Gwendolyn Rice,

  • ​" brightly played by Eva Nimmer, who makes an emotional moment out of every messing with her hair or twisting her body to explain herself." -Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee

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RED HERRING @ Next Act Theatre​

  • "As Lynn...Eva Nimmer is at turns a supposedly too proper schoolgirl suddenly sultry seductress playing nicely off Zach Thomas Woods...These two fine young actors anchor Red Herring..." -Harry Cherkinian, Shepherd Express

  • ​"As Detective Maggie Pelletier, MacDonald Kerr is the play’s clear a warm portrait of a girl torn between her parents’ hollow values and the man she loves. The two actresses share the play’s funniest moments..." -Jeff Grygny, Play on Milwaukee

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Photo by Ross Zentner


  • "Eva Nimmer wields the comedy of fanaticism with admirably dramatic emotional agility in the role of political assassin Charlotte Corday...Nimmer craftily finds her own distinct flavor of recklessly selfless passion in a cast filled with revolutionaries." -Russ Bickerstaff, The Small Stage Blog

  • ​"As the attractive assassin with great hair, Eva Nimmer whips up surprising power and humanity..." -Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee

  • "Playing the young radical Charlotte Corday, determined to assassinate Jean-Paul Marat and ready to die for it, Eva Nimmer is as passionate and brave as Greta Thunberg before the U.N." -John Schneider, Shepherd Express

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CHRISTMAS IN BABYLON @ Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

  • “Eva Nimmer delivers a finely-shaded performance as sensitive Kelly O’Rourke, Kathleen’s daughter.” -Matthew Perta, Showbiz Chicago

  • "Eva stunningly whole and unflappable in a first act that requires perfect control and response, something quite difficult for an actress but executed well here.” -Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee   

  • “Such outrageous laughs and oddness are made better by a foil, and in Christmas in Babylon, that foil is the very normal, doctor-in-training, largely level-headed Kelly. Though Nimmer doesn't snag a huge amount of laughs, she brings just what she should to the part: she creates a Kelly that's likable, endearing, and one whose happiness audiences are pleased root for. Her scenes with Klubertanz bring an unwavering tenderness in the midst of all the hollering...”  -Kelsey Lawler, BWW Milwaukee

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THE SPITFIRE GRILL @ Four Seasons Theatre

  • “As Percy in “The Spitfire Grill,” the latest musical from Four Seasons Theatre, Eva Nimmer commands the stage with a clear, bright voice.” – Gayle Worland, Wisconsin State Journal​​​

  • “Eva Nimmer is luminous in the lead role. Her unpretentious voice fits her unassuming character. As Percy she is grounded but also vulnerable and damaged. Alone in a spotlight, she sets exactly the right tone in her solo “Ring Around the Moon.” Another highlight of the evening is her frantic and twangy “Out of the Frying Pan,” where she expertly captures the chaos of being a short-order cook.” -Gwendolyn Rice, Isthmus​

  • “I was delighted to catch Four Seasons Theatre’s production of “The Spitfire Grill” this December, starring Eva Nimmer as the nervous but determined ex-con Percy Talbott. Her voice had a crystal clear resonance, and her funny rendition of “Out of the Frying Pan” while attempting to prepare breakfast made the cook in me actively anxious.” –Lindsay Christians, Cap Times

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EQUIVOCATION @ Next Act Theatre​

​"...Eva Nimmer has the difficult task of executing stage directions like this one: “We barely notice her ourselves.  She’s like that.”  But while Judith is quiet...her still waters run deep...and whose sensible pragmatism grows from her resigned acceptance, of a father who hasn’t loved her enough and of a world in which she’s taught herself to hope for little and expect makes her ultimate reconciliation with her father all the sweeter, culminating in a moving final scene that’s among the best moments in Cain’s play and this production." -Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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  • ​"...Eva Nimmer – now in her fifth Northern Sky season – is appearing in all four of this summer’s shows, with significant roles in each... It adds up to eight shows in these four roles every six days.  Seeing all four Northern Sky shows in just over 48 hours, I got a sense of how taxing this must be, allowing me to appreciate all the more the many moving ballads Nimmer sings." -Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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